DevOps Consulting Services

DevOps Consulting Services

Helping you reduce the complexity of infrastructure management

Developing single and full-Scale services
Heptagon has an excellent team of DevOps developers with expertise and experience in DevOps implementation. DevOps powers enterprises to experience faster innovation, improved operational efficiency, and balanced deployment quality, helping improve business operations.

Our DevOps services include consultation, automation, testing, build and release, monitoring, training, migration, etc. All our services aim to add value to your enterprise but with compliance to the standard practices.

Our Services as a DevOps Development Company

Automation Consulting

DevOps Services uses automation to provide efficiency and productivity to your business. But merely using automation without proper implementation is similar to not using automation at all. Our developers, operation staff, and other professionals work together to understand your goal and meet them with the right automation implementation to reduce time and errors. We use automation in various stages of development, deployment, and monitoring. 

Automated Testing

Our DevOps Consulting Services goes through various development stages, and many of the stages include coding. DevOps allows early testing of codes, which is often helpful in finding errors more quickly. This way, we ensure the smooth execution of the process at every stage. 

Continuous Integration

Our DevOps developer helps companies validate a project by continuous updates and code changes, followed by automated regression testing. With continuous integration and delivery, we aim to build, test, and release improved code. It results in delivering a high-quality software product. 

Cloud Migration

Regardless of the size and complexity of your infrastructure, our cloud migration solution will prove to be simple and fast to you. With our services, you can stay assured of data security and scalability. 

Integrated Configuration Management

We provide management, monitoring, automation, and maintenance of configurations across the IT infrastructure. With our configuration management, you can still use the existing services during any development.

AWS Consulting Services

Our developers have worked on AWS implementation on numerous projects. Our professionals are AWS-certified consultants who can help you achieve your business goals faster. With a simple and quick migration strategy, we ensure your application has reduced downtime. 

Tracking and Monitoring

We provide monitoring and logging services by leveraging the latest DevOps tools and technologies. Our monitoring services include infrastructure, database, and other services like logs management and tools implementation.

but comply with standard practices.

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