Big Data & Analytics Solutions

Big Data & Analytics Solutions

- Data To Intelligence

For businesses that rely on data, Heptagon Big Data & Analytics solutions aid in developing intelligent solutions. Heptagon promotes true "Data Democracy" and provides solutions for data management, data visualization, business intelligence, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence.

Employing Heptagon's big data and analytics solutions allow businesses to work with large volumes of multi-structured data, including structured, semi and unstructured data.

Due to its domain expertise, the company provides businesses with the ability to store, manage, and monetize data with useful insights in Insurance, Banking & Financial Services, Research & Analytics, and Finance & Accounting across industries. Heptagon provides solutions for every data lifecycle stage thanks to strategic alliances with leading cloud providers, data storage, and data management services.

Businesses can supplement large and diverse data sets with Heptagon Big Data and Analytics solutions to find specific patterns, match up data points, and shows hidden insights.

Heptagon's most common applications help businesses expand into new markets by analyzing customer behaviour and providing forecasts.

Big Data & Analytics Offerings

  • Big Data & Data Lakes
  • Business Intelligence & Data Visualization
  • Research & Analytics
  • Enterprise Data Management
  • Advanced Analytics & Data Sciences
  • Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Sciences

There is an exponential growth in the amount of data sources available. However, the amount of time you have to act on that data is shrinking. Create a big data strategy to achieve quick business results — our big data analytics experts, partners, and technology can assist you in thriving in a data-driven world.

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